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    Unser Visa Consulting & Analytics Team bietet Ihnen umsetzbare Einblicke in Ihre Geschäftsbedürfnisse von morgen, kennt die ökonomische Entwicklungen der Branche und erarbeitet bewährte, auf unseren Daten basierende Lösungen die Sie weiter bringen.

Chart depicting a drop, then upward trajectory.
A mobile device with a star on its screen next to a credit card with a star on it.
Two arrows connecting two people in a circular shape.
Illustration of a secured padlock representing diligently managed risk and fraud.
A hand with its pointer finger pressing down on the screen of a mobile device.
A bar graph with four bars growing from small to large.

image of a woman opening a box
Digital Series
The rise in e-commerce continues to grow at a blistering place and players in the payments ecosystem have transformed their business models to offer subscriptions. This paper takes an in depth look at the subscription economy and details the benefits and challenges that come with the subscription boom.
woman using laptop
To get the most out of debit portfolios, banks should focus on profitability and efficiency, especially in this current macro-economic environment — but how exactly? Get the full report, that outlines 3 steps financial institutions should take to optimize their debit portfolio.

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